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We are attorney mediators + arbitrators and have been practicing attorneys for 39+ years, serving as Counsel or a Neutral in matters ranging from “big-stakes” multi-million $$ claims to the most basic of disputes between neighbors or businesses. Based in the greater Los Angeles area, we are available to mediate or arbitrate worldwide.

We understand litigation, its costs and the value of early resolution of disputes, pre-suit or as early in the litigation process as possible. Creative, yet practical, we also understand the personal and emotional, business, insurance and coverage issues that can be key drivers in civil litigation and business disputes.

Mediation Day is a very important day for the Parties and we approach it as such.

Preparation is key to a productive and successful Mediation and, among other things, we conduct a telephone conference with each counsel the week prior to the mediation session to begin the work necessary to allow for resolution on Mediation Day or as soon thereafter as possible.

We would be pleased to work with you, your clients or lawyer to help bring RESOLUTION and CLOSURE to litigation or other disputes - freeing those involved from the uncertainties, risks and expense that comes with conflict.  

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