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We are Peace Makers, using our Experience to help Parties to Disputes find the CLOSURE that allows them to get on with their businesses and lives, unencumbered by the uncertainties of litigation.

We work with party counsel to prepare for each mediation so that the session can be as productive as possible and, if settlement is not reached during session, will work with counsel telephonically post-mediation, at no extra charge, to see if further discussions might lead to resolution as early as possible.  We are creative, yet practical.  We understand the personal/emotional, business, insurance and coverage issues that can be key components in resolving litigation and are quick studies with the ability to simplify disputes and to not let parties give up during the negotiation process.  

Simply stated, Mediation Day is a very important day for the Parties and we approach it as such.

We would be pleased to work with you, your clients or lawyer to help bring RESOLUTION and CLOSURE to litigation or other disputes - freeing those involved from the uncertainties, risks and expense that comes with conflict.  

What We Do


  • Pre-suit Claims & Disputes

  • Civil and Business/Commercial Litigation

  • Insurance Litigation

  • International

  • Co-mediate with another Mediator to assist with specific issues, such as insurance, or in large multi-party matters.

  • Phased Mediations to first address factual or legal issues critical to the next-stage settlement process

  • "Settlement Days/Weeks" - hosted by a law firm, risk manager or insurance company to dispose of many matters over the course of one or more days


(binding or non-binding)

  • Insurance & Reinsurance

  • Business & Commercial

  • 2860 "Cumis Counsel" and Other Attorney Fee Disputes

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