check availability, Hold A date or Schedule - Your Way


1. Use Jean Lawler's online calendar, which is maintained in "real time', to view her availability, hold a date or book a mediation or arbitration with her.  Choose the Service in which you are interested and that will then provide you with available dates to select from. 

If a date or time you want shows on the calendar as being not available, please email or call us to ask if it might be able to be opened for you. Documents can be emailed to  


2. Use our LADR Inquiry-Booking Form to submit your request for either Mr. Spronz or Ms. Lawler.   Documents can be attached to the form when you are submitting it. 

Until you have received a confirmation from LADR with specifics regarding the mediation being scheduled, no mediation is confirmed.


by email or phone

1. Call us at 310-683-4332;


2. Send an email to or


finding common ground = SOLUTIONS + closure