Jean Lawler – Representative Cases as mediator

American Disabilities Act:

  • Suit alleging barriers at a retail store.

  • Suit by paraplegic resident in a convalescent home re accessibility issues.


  • Appeal from a judgment regarding the characterization of funds provided by plaintiff to defendant in connection with an IPO.

  • Appeal from a judgment arising out of the application of the Waste Management Act, Inert Debris Regulations and Los Angeles County’s Fee Ordinance to material imported and disposed of in conjunction with surface mining operations at a Los Angeles County facility.

  • Appeal from a judgment in favor of a commercial service provider for unpaid invoices.

Insurance/Bad Faith:

  • Breach of contract and bad faith claims arising out of a 1st party fire loss claim under commercial insurance policy.

  • Rescission of a lawyer’s professional liability insurance policy for alleged misrepresentation in the application for insurance.

  • Dispute over ownership of a deceased’s life insurance policies and entitlement to life insurance proceeds, including the life insurer as a party.

  • Insurance coverage and bad faith dispute under commercial primary and two excess insurance policies regarding the availability or not of indemnity coverage for defense costs and settlement amounts paid by insured to defend against, and to settle, an adverse arbitration award.

  • Insurance issues and related claims for declaratory relief, breach of contract, bad faith and unfair business practices involving reimbursement of expenses under a travel insurance policy.

  • Obligation, if any, of a settling defendant’s insurer to pay the settling plaintiff’s initial attorney the full amount of a post-settlement fee arbitration award (including accruing interest on unpaid fees and costs of the arbitration), as opposed to the amount of the fees alone, as provided for at the time of settlement.

  • Insurance coverage issues pertaining to underlying product liability suits.

  • Rescission of a professional liability policy, or in the alternative, declaratory relief regarding right of insurer to recover defense fees and settlement amounts paid pursuant to reservation of rights under Buss and Blue Ridge.

Personal Injury:

  • Personal injuries allegedly suffered when merchandise fell from the shelves of a retail store.

  • Various matters re personal injuries suffered from trip and falls in retail stores.

  • Appeal from a multi-million verdict for personal injuries arising out of an auto accident.

  • Trip and fall in an open tree well on a city sidewalk.

  • Personal injuries suffered after tripping and falling over a wheel stop in a parking lot.

  • Slip and fall on water in a grocery store.

  • Personal injury from a flatbed cart allegedly pushed over a customer’s foot in a retail store.

  • Personal injuries from foot caught on corner of pallet holding display merchandise.

  • Personal injuries from walking into an object on display outside of a retail store.

Product Liability:

  • Personal injury, including alleged chemical burns, from use of a hair product. Claim also asserted against retail store selling the product.